Franceschetti “Art project”A project that is of one hundred percent artistically inspired for the prestigious designer label of men's luxury footwear, Franceschetti.

Mar 05, 2018
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Fruit of the collaboration with the non-profit organisation, Fondazione Mazzoleni, operating in the field of art, which has always franceschettisupported emerging talents, the projected included the participation of five young artists, who were asked to personalise with their touch the same number of soles for the models belonging to the Marches brand.

The footwear symbolically makes the language of art its very own, while becoming an object of a new kind of artistic expression, where the trace left behind by the artist is transformed over time, step by step, fading, until it disappears.

The new collection aptly named “Steps in art” will be officially presented at Pitti Uomo, as a “made-to-measure” proposal made up by unique products that can be personalised. Each work will be matched with carefully selected leathers and distinct colours.

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