For your feet onlyThe shoe for modern-day 007s

Oct 18, 2017
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A shoe that could be the envy even of James Bond: a luxurious and elegant derby, handmade from deerskin, with a series of gadgets hidden inside it that might just make the difference, whether it’s a special mission or an everyday emergency, from losing your jacket to being assaulted, having your car or wallet stolen, or even being kidnapped.

sweeney-2It’s called “The Secret Shoe”: conceived from the collaboration between the luxury footwear brand Oliver Sweeney and the luxury portal, it almost seems to be one of the original gadgets invented by Q for 007. Like every spy accessory worthy of the name, each pair of Secret Shoes has secret compartments, where it is possible to store three miniature objects that can be chosen from a pool of 12 possible accessories. Among them are included a mobile phone, a video camera, a Swiss army knife, or a GPS device… Moreover, in addition to the Long CZ, which is considered the world’s smallest mobile phone (weighing just 20 grams, but with lots of special features like a radio, voice changer, text voice mail, micro sim, and pocket spy camera…), the range of accessories also includes a Kery ring, the world’s first and most cutting-edge contactless payment system that can be used on the contactless-enabled MasterCard circuit. sweeney-3

Whenever the need may arise, just remove the insole from the shoe and immediately all these accessories will be within easy reach, allowing you to continue your mission without interruption.

Besides the gadgets, the handcrafted quality of the shoes mirrors the high standards of Oliver Sweeney and its bona fide obsession with perfection in each and every step of the creative process, from the selection of the leathers to the details and production of the shoe in the Marches-based factory of the family. The finishing touch is represented by the tattoo that is applied to each pair of shoes, in what has by now become a trademark of the brand. A detail that for the Secret Shoe will be personalized with the individual’s name, blood type, GPS coordinates…. Or whatever other information is desired.

If all this is not enough, even Kevlar shoelaces could come to your aid: capable of cutting through wood or plastic, they might just provide the perfect means for escaping if you happen to be tied up!

So, it seems only natural to say that these shoes are… “For your feet only”!

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