Fabi presents “Lamaxi”A women’s sneaker that goes back in time to the Nineties, for the brand new distribution strategies of the label.

May 21, 2018
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It goes by the name of “Lamaxi”, a name that is “bigger than life”, just like its project, which combines important volumes reminiscent of the early 90’s anfabi-donna_ss19_lamaxid technical shoes from this era, with vitamin-toned colours.

Taken to extremes by an oversized outsole, it is developed in various chromatic variations, technical matchings and metallic details/finishes. From total black to super-coloured, Lamaxi is a product that follows the latest fashion trends in the world of sneakers, serving as the launching pad for the new distribution strategies of the Fabi brand, which is based on 10 annual capsule collections.

Lamaxi will make its official debut during Pitti Uomo 94 at Fabi’s stand, as the star of a collection that is rich in creative highlights spanning from 90’s disco for the other women’s lines to the vintage flair of the men’s traditional and iconic proposals.


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