Exena: the experience that combines aesthetics with safetyExena is a company of reference specialised in the production of safety footwear, standing out for its harmonious mix of a high quality, innovative, and flexible product, which never loses sight of fashion.

Nov 20, 2018
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Founded at the beginning of the Sixties by a group of Marches entrepreneurs, in just a few years’ time, Exena was transformed from a family-run business into an industrial reality, with a pathway of growth that is still underway today.

The combination between safety and aesthetics can once again be found in the new 2018 collection characterised by footwear with a modern design and by bright and striking colours, which are perfect for wearing every day of the week, and even after work. Aimed at professionals working directly in the field and at specialised technicians, this footwear in fact offers the possibility of moving from the workplace to leisure time, without the need to change footwear, guaranteeing a maximum level of safety that is certified in accordance with EN ISO safety standards, while maintaining an ever-trendy look.

Unisex collections are proposed for almost all sectors, with the models ranging in size from 35 to 48. There are a few exceptions to this rule represented by the sectors of Foodstuffs and Healthcare, where Exena mostly designs shoes for women with prints, floral patterns, and a palette of bright and vibrant colours. Instead, the Industrial sector is exclusively made up by men’s shoes.




A leading product of the X-LIGHT line, EROS footwear presents itself with a striking design and wide range of strong and eye-catching colours. With a contrasting honeycomb weave, the upper is made from breathable Cordura Nylon with TPU inserts and a prominent fluorescent logo. Safety is priority and guaranteed by a breathable lining that is resistant to abrasion, a safety toe-cap made from composite material, and an anti-perforation fabric midplate. The insole is removable, anatomical, and antistatic, while the heel is made of PE, and the 2D PU anti-slip sole features a TPU insert.



Ivan is a safety footwear model from the Air Balance line characterised by a young design that combines the very best technical properties with a contemporary style, hiding beneath technical fabrics, bright colours, and lightweight and tapered shapes, a technological concept ideal for personal protection in workplaces. Thanks to components like the breathable Cordura Nylon upper with TPU inserts, the lining that is resistant to abrasion, the pierced composite toe-cap, the anti-perforation fabric midplate, the removable, anatomical, and antistatic insole, and the anti-slip sole, this model is the very essence of protection with a strong fashion appeal.



The model, which is ankle height like a basketball shoe, belongs to the INSIDE line and is completely made from black leather. Breathable and resistant to abrasion, it has a composite toe-cap, anti-perforation fabric midplate, a removable, anatomical, and antistatic insole, and a 2D PU anti-slip sole.

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