Espadrilles: a store in CagliariThis past April Espadrilles inaugurated a new shop-in-shop at the Elmas airport in Cagliari.

Apr 06, 2018
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After the opening at the Olbia Costa Smeralda airport and the airport in Ibiza, a third opening in Cagliari is scheduled to take place within the same twelve-month interval: accordingly a fast pace has been set for the brand’s “travel retail” expansion project, which is headed by the Bologna company Ferrari&Zenobi that considers the nerve centres of passing tourists to be a privileged opportunity for creating a rapport with the end customer.

The new corner has a design and philosophy in sync with the brand’s values: brushed pinewood supports for presenting the footwear creates an atmosphere perfectly in harmony with the style of the brand. The chromatic tones range from nut to warm dark brown, green, and red, for a location that creates a gypsy-like allure.

Creativity, high quality construction typical of manual artisanal productions, and an eco-friendly approach are the main features of the Espadrilles proposal: the sole made from spelt or hemp is strictly stitched by hand onto cotton canvas, giving life to a timeless model.

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