Electro-pop, baroque, and primitivism, trends for SS 2019Three different worlds, interchangeable with one another and rich in interconnections, represent the trends for the Spring Summer 2019 season, […]

Nov 15, 2017
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Three different worlds, interchangeable with one another and rich in interconnections, represent the trends for the Spring Summer 2019 season, which will be interpreted by trendsetters coming from the ARSUTORIA School: e-lectro, y-blender and x-crude. The official presentation of the trends took place this past Monday 13 November at the headquarters of this prestigious design school in Milan, in front of an international audience of entrepreneurs, pattern makers, and designers.

Here, as follows, are some of the highlights.



This is the most technical theme, a theme of illusion in terms of graphics and finishes. Technical processes physically affect the materials: characteristics include effects of transparency and shininess. The concept features laminates on paper and concealing materials that hide what is underneath. From within transparencies it is possible to glimpse iridescences and multicolour effects.

Materials that are more technical are used in leather: patent leather and buffed leather feature coloured interiors.

The chromatic palette is expressed through technical colours, bordering on fluorescent, which are matched with white that is used in contrast.

Features: kinetic and dynamic graphics with strong colours; optical themes; finishes and technical colours; white bases for saturated colours; transparencies and iridescences that allow glimpses of what is underneath; chequered patterns in funky tones and dazzling stripes; bubble themes and dot sequins; lycra stretch and active lycra knit for new athletic shoes (and there’s more); fluid metallic effects and reflective fluo; chromed aluminium and “candy wrapper” sheets; silvery tulle and silvered pleated with iridescent effects; satiny hands and natural shiny surfaces; platinum rubber leather that is textured or with finishes; crisp and translucent PVC, or fluorescent PVC with full transparencies; transparencies that are also matte; vinyl polka dots and silicon PVC; rubber mesh; knit socks; protective T and 3D cut-outs done by laser or by CAD cutting; golden and pink pearling; triangular microtextures and saffiano leather; sparkling and vinyl glitter; pleatings for uneven patent leather; rounded high-tech lines; technical white with a smooth hand; graphic zebra stripes, macro crossings; crocodile graphics; textures and optical effects; chains for notions; and acid colours matched with neutral tones, conveying a feeling of freshness.schermata-2017-11-15-alle-10-09-29



This is the midway theme, which finds its expression in the world of workmanship.

Materials of various aspects are characterized by special processes that are used to top of their volumes. Technical know-how, digital printing, retouching, stitching, heat sealing… whether its artisanal or technical finishes, it is all done afterwards to the intact material. It expresses the ability to merge craft workmanship and technology in the same product, without either one overwhelming the other. Different materials with a wide range of uses are combined with skilled technical ability and craft workmanship.

Colours are full, but not technical.


Features: a widespread array of applied and textured colours; focus on techniques and workmanship; folk mix and baroque mood expressed through flowers, damasks and customisable appliqués; overprints and prints on craq mesh; full colour rose appliqués; pinks; floral themes matched with stripes; Brazilian carioca highlights; lacquerings; tulle décor; crystal glints; geometric décor; Venetian masks with a graphic look and wavy lines; pop reptile and graphic reptile prints; removables and brushings in classic men’s; large chains and golden stones; textured non-flat metal; surfaces with golden thread; golden embossed brushings and marble-effect brushings; and “horror” red vinyl and Texan Lucifer for a more playful version of red.



The theme where the reigning protagonist is natural leather. Compared to the other two themes that are mostly characterized by technical features and special workmanship, here leather is the sole protagonist.

It is expressed through a variety of handcrafted and artisanal techniques: detachments, appliqués, additions and removals… from glazing that creates an effect similar to the passing of time, to hand worked materials and product finishes, with brushings, and overlaying of colours with mélange effects. Natural are also the metallic highlights, with a preference for pearled sheens: leather is ennobled by a dusting, instead of being covered in lamé.

The palette is classic and basic.


Features: natural features enlivened by textured mélange; genuine cowhide; full-grain nubuck and suede; hand weavings with dip-coated and brushed colours; oil-brushed and waxed nubuck that shows the effects of the passing of time in its brushings; shaded full-grain; soapy and waxed hands with aged effects in pull-up versions; mélange and raffia for respectively recalling mineral and fabric effects; organic crusts and worn-out alligator, which take on 3D effects through their colours and prints; marble finishes and graphic designs with a primitive look; an indigo theme that imitates the various shades of denim blue; mineral and salt water corrosions; sandy ripples; water-based discolourations used in the theme of removables; recycled organic elements with paper effects and volcanic stones with mélange effects: interweaving and leather workmanship; multiple layers.

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