Duukies Beachsocks: “Have fun in the sun!”Duukies Beachsocks returns to Pitti Bimbo with its Water Shoes, Sandals and Socks in one!

Apr 23, 2018
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logophoto-landscape13_bassaThe slogan of this Dutch brand is already a reality: “Have fun in the sun”! So, feel free to enjoy yourself in complete freedom, whether you’re at the seaside or lounging by the pool, thanks to these lightweight and practical sock-shoes capable of offering perfect protection against the heat of the sand, from sunburn, and from the seafloor. Thanks to their lightness, it is possible to use them in the water and they dry quickly. At the same time, they are extremely trendy, with a wide range of colours, designs, patterns, and cuts. A Mini-Me solution, created for mothers and their children, is both clever and fashionable.

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