Loriblu: Elegance, character and styleWhen dream becomes reality: glamour and luxury are the protagonists of the new Loriblu collection

Sep 13, 2017

The new Loriblu collection is the ideal world where bon-ton meets up with glamour and luxury, defining a new equilibrium between shapes and colours. A scenario where the reigning protagonists are the design, originality, richness of the materials, and exquisite charm of the accessories.
The collection is inspired by the world of fairy tales, where free reign is given over to dreams and wishes. The creativity of designer Graziano Cuccù and his stylistic team is fully expressed in this endless space, between fantasy and reality, while exploring a rich symbolic horizon where art and magic are tangible. It is a creative journey between East and West, going beyond every cultural and linguistic difference, without walls and without limits.


Loriblu presents a collection that brings dream into reality, for contemporary women and men who love luxury with a special touch of glam that conveys personality and individuality. Iconic creations are alternated with models that make a meticulous and basic style their own personal trademark: a mix of proposals that range from red carpet to daytime, with footwear serving not only as an accessory, but also as the bona fide protagonist of every look.

Thanks to the brand’s forty-plus years of experience, designer Graziano Cuccù and his stylistic team are able to infuse every pair of footwear with the highest levels of innovation and Made in Italy craft workmanship.  Loriblu has accordingly become a leading brand both nationally and internationally, while faithfully adhering to the Marches tradition of manufacturing, in what is considered one of the most important footwear manufacturing districts worldwide.

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