Dike becomes independent of Orion SpaDike, the division dedicated to safety footwear for the Calzaturificio Orion Group S.p.A., becomes independent from its parent company, strong from the 200 thousand pairs of shoes and 50 thousand garments sold in the last year alone, with a turnover of 9 million euros.

Mar 07, 2018
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Dike, the safety footwear and workwear division of the Padua-based Calzaturificio Orion Group S.p.A., becomes a separate and independent company headed by CEO Sergio Reniero, who is also the Director of the Orion Group safety business unit.

sergio-reniero-lowThe new Dike Srl will accordingly continue along the path of constant growth in volumes and turnover that the company first started down in 2012, acquiring the brand in its entirety, with both personnel and the previous organisation included: from the 806 thousand euros in turnover registered during the first year of activity, in fact, the brand has grown by an average of 70% a year, arriving at 1.862 million euros in 2013, followed by 3.590 million euros in 2014, 5.544 million euros in 2015 , 7.377 million euros in 2016, and around 9 million euros in 2017.
A natural, gradual process supported by the constant development of the product and by the significant expansion of the distribution chain, with an increase from the brand’s initial 670 customers to today’s 4032 customers. Among them are included stores that sell construction materials, hardware stores, and specialized stores, not only in Italy, but also in 34 other countries worldwide, with 53% of Dike’s turnover arriving from foreign sales.

The secret at the heart of this success is without a doubt the originality of a product that has revolutionised the world of safety, which up until then had been characterised by products that were often standardised, with a focus only on the concept of safety, without taking into consideration the personality and style of the end-user. Dike has instead proposed to those individuals who must wear safety footwear and workwear all day long a number of solutions that are rich in colour, trendy, lightweight and practical, as well as high performance. Products characterised by such a meticulous attention to detail that not only are they on par with the collections of casual fashion brands, but also and above all are supported by patented technology, making them innovative in terms of safety and resistance.

Another strength of Dike is its distribution network, capillary and quick, with average delivery times of 48 hours. This is thanks to its production that is completely centralized, with footwear produced in the directly owned facility of Bagnoli di Sopra (Padua) and workwear strictly produced in the Venetian district.

As a project that is now concrete, in just a few short years, Dike has been transformed into a “Made in Italy” business par excellence, with 200 thousand pairs of work shoes and 50 thousand garments sold in the last year alone. In the mid-term, Dike expects to double its numbers.

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