Deichmann is once again declared the leader in shoesModaes has drawn up the new classification of leading footwear distributors worldwide. What has changed? This year the American company Payless (at fifth place last year) exits from the ranks, while the Danish company Ecco enters them.

Jun 11, 2019
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Although the Bata group, which has not made its sales numbers available, is missing from the list, this year at the top of the list of leading footwear distributors is once again Deichmann, the German giant with its 4,043 stores distributed across 26 different countries and its sales revenue of 5.8 billion euros. Following on its heels is Belle International, the group from Hong Kong with a revenue of 5.5 billion euros, and Skechers with its 982 stores in 170 countries and a revenue of 4.1 billion euros.

Outside of the top three, the classification sees Caleres (USA) in fourth place, followed by Wolverine (USA), Deckers (USA), Aldo (Canada), Clarks (UK), Steve Madden (USA) and, in tenth place, the new entry Ecco, the Danish group with 2,246 stores in 99 countries and a revenue of 1.3 billion euros.


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