Defentex Cut Ultra Light 18GG – Safety and comfort at your fingertips

For over 25 years, Filtes International has been state-of-the-art in the production of technical yarns for the personal safety sector.

Feb 05, 2019
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All of the company’s efforts are aimed at offering the market and workers around the world innovative solutions capable of guaranteeing the highest standards of safety and the maximum comfort posfiltes_visualguantosible. This philosophy has led to the launching of FILTES DEFENTEX CUT ULTRA LIGHT 18GG, which is a result of the company’s thirty years of experience and a unique mix of technologies.

FILTES DEFENTEX CUT is a solution capable of covering a wide variety of risks: from anti-cut protection to temperature resistance and high abrasion resistance, the unique performance of its safety gloves offers the highest levels of protection – from class D to F – of the new EN388:2017 European safety standard. This directive is used to determine a protective glove’s performance against mechanical hazards, while establishing resistance standards according to the TDM Test, which classifies materials into 6 different categories: from A to F, with the latter representing the highest level of cut resistance.

FILTES DEFENTEX CUT ULTRA LIGHT 18GG is also the answer to the alarming statistics that every year remind us how too often safety gloves are not used because they are deemed uncomfortable or an obstacle to getting the job done. The 18 GAUGE properties of the glove allows for a high level of never-before-achieved comfort, capably combining wearability, breathability, and practicality (touch screen enafiltes_visual2bled), which allows the worker to wear protective gloves all day long in complete comfort, without slowing down their productivity. All this is offered in full compliance with current safety standards.

FILTES DEFENTEX CUT ULTRA LIGHT 18GG accordingly guarantees high levels of safety and comfort, but also sustainability. It is made from yarns that are Oeko-tex certified – one of the strictest certification systems currently in force for companies working in the yarn supply chain. This certification also guarantees greater transparency in supplier relations, while simplifying information concerning possibly harmful substances. A recognition that allows us to guarantee additional safety on a humane-environmental level.

FILTES DEFENTEX CUT ULTRA LIGHT 18GG offers the highest safety standards and maximum comfort possible in a sole solution.

For over 25 years, Filtes International has been specialised in the sector of technical yarns, where it continues to invest in research and development in order to offer products that are increasingly innovative and up-to-date. It maintained this mission even during the years of international crisis, continuing with its investments, which contributed to generating important growth trends for the company on a global level – in a repeat of the success story enjoyed by its parent company, Carrara Spa. The constant development of exclusive innovative technologies have allowed Filtes International to cement partnerships with global players, while ensuring that its products have become the most in-demand products in all sectors where personal safety is a must: from occupational personal protective equipment (with a focus on anti-cut protection and fire prevention) to sports apparel, from the needs of the mechanical and chemical industry, all the way up to the sewing threads present in many technical garments. These are the ingredients that have contributed to determining the success of Filtes International over the years: the strength of its know-how, a Made in Italy quality, lots of sacrifice, and close ties with its own roots.

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