The debut of Mamic, the casual-sexy women’s styleFrom the historic Spanish producer of footwear Jemma Footwear arrives the proposal of a new brand, which is ready to conquer women everywhere.

Aug 28, 2018
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mamic_2Know-how passed down from father to son and closely tied into the tradition of its territory. Since it was first launched, it has always been sure to guarantee maximum well-being for the foot: this is the story of Jemma Footwear, a footwear manufacturer with two production centres in S. Isidro, located near Alicante, which for five generations has been specialised in the creation of footwear for children with the brand Titanitos. This producer has always focused on quality and innovation in its quest to conquer adults and children alike and the Titanitos brand is especially well-known for its machine washable leather shoes, which are fitted with protective Bubble Absorbe technology in the soles. Today, the company – also in the wake of the success achieved three years ago with the launching of its new luxury sneaker brand Craic – has decided to create casual-sexy collections exclusively dedicated to women. These are the origins of Mamic, which was presented in a preview this past June at Expo Riva Schuh.

“Strong from the experience acquired with our Craic brand, today, we are ready to propose a casual shoe that is also feminine and sexy at the same time and created for a woman who wants to fully enjoy her day without having to forego wearing high heels” – explains Sonia Prieto, Export Manager.

This combination of comfort and femininity is translated into wedges, organic soles, but also flat outsoles, and is preferably matched with leather, the material that is a trademark of Jemma Footwear production. The collection has a typically Spanish style, with rope outsoles and textured fabrics that are alternated with natural leathers. There are also sneakers proposed for the coming summer season with EVA outsoles and metallic or coloured uppers.

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