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The Spirale Group team is attentive to protecting and safeguarding the environment, in fact, it adopts practices that are respectful of public health and the ecosystem.
The materials used during the production process comply with the European Council Directive 91/338/EEC relating to prohibited hazardous substances such as nickel, lead and cadmium.
Furthermore it respects the REACH protocol (European regulation on the production, sale and use of chemical substances) and the CANDIDATE LIST (substances whose use is not forbidden but whose tolerated quantity is regulated for specific product categories) to protect both users and the environment against improper use of “SVHC” substances.
The SPIRALE brand is dedicated to the production for adults and children of Canadians and boots injected in thermoplastic materials, PVC, thermoplastic and nitrile rubbers both for leisure time (rain boots and après-ski, Canadian adult and child boots) and for outdoors.
It is a winning brand as it combines technologically advanced solutions with stylistically fashionable shapes and colours.
The NORA brand is dedicated to the line of safety boots; the use of thermoplastic mixtures, the careful study of design and models have led the NORA line to become the reference brand in the safety sector.

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