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  • Over Teack srl began with Cosimo Vitobello in a small laboratory, using only leather soles, nails, needles, string and his skilful hands.
  • In 1964, the idea of expanding production took shape, beginning to produce shoes assembled with the aid of a few machines and with the collaboration of a few employees.
  • In 1977, the small laboratory became a real company (150 employees): “Calzaturificio Odeon Shoes”.
    In 1977, Cosimo Vitobello was also awarded by Queen Elizabeth the GOLDEN SHOE award as an acknowledgement of his commercial seriousness and his spirit of industriousness and commitment, with which he had distinguished himself up to then both nationally and internationally.
  • In 1990, Cosimo Vitobello felt the need to extend and perfect the range of the assembled footwear production by creating “Over Teak” in collaboration with his sons.
  • Cosimo Vitobello’s adventure did not end there. In 1996 he decided to also venture into the production of safety footwear, distinguishing it with the new logo “Uniwork” (www.uniwork.it). He succeeded there in obtaining great results…
  • The design of the shoes takes place internally thanks to the use of the most modern technologies such as CAD-CAM and electronic clicking presses; besides, all machines are equipped with robots.
  • Since 1997, Over Teack srl has had a facility in Albania too, with 360 employees just for the cutting and sewing of the entire production.
  • The whole staff’s commitment is to research for innovative materials and solutions, using the utmost  experience accumulated in over 60 years of activity.

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