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In 1963 Nando Muzi decided to make the pace of women more harmonious, creating for them shoes capable of expressing creative spirit, manufacturing ability and elegance.
Over the years, the brand has evolved to become one of the leading names of the Made in Italy, where flair and craftsmanship demonstrate the footwear quality.
Today the company has a new creative witness, Michele Muzi who inherited his passion for this job from his father.
The hallmark of the maison is the heel, from the 5 cm heel of Nando Muzi’s first collections to Michele’s vertiginous one.
Today as yesterday the heel is first moulded into clay, then passed over to the hands of master shoemakers who sculpt it in detail.
The woman to whom Michele Muzi refers to is a strong self-confident woman, who knows what she wants and where she wants to go, who is not a victim of trends, but who builds her own style every day.
Michele Muzi’s goal is to make a woman feel at ease with his creations.

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