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Since 1927 Kapriol has made the combination of innovation and experience its strong point, thanks to a commitment that has always seen it work alongside people who work: over 90 years of continuous growth in which it has developed a multi-sectoral expertise making it become a leading specialist in 70 countries around the world with a turnover of over 40 million euro.
Workwear and workshoes, safety devices and tools: today the Kapriol brand is recognised for its Italian Design and distinguishes itself in offering its partners reliability, know-how, impact display solutions and continuous innovations for business development.

The fifth generation Morganti, composed of Francesca, Alessandro and Stefano, has entered the company in recent years becoming the protagonist of a series of new further innovations: in terms of human resources management, through the design of training paths, performance management and corporate welfare, in terms of Research and Development, with the creation of Kapriol Lab, a real planning and design team that presides over the development of new products including the Michelin rubberised footwear line, and on the communication front, with the development in digital and social fields, but also in terms of prestigious sponsorship researches such as its bond with the Del Conca Gresini team of Moto3.

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Kapriol and Michelin: safety and design in the new era of the safety shoe

Kapriol and Michelin: safety and design in the new era of the safety shoe

Kapriol and Michelin present a preview of the new safety shoe, interpreted in the models K-LE MANS, K-SILVERSTON and K-ESTORIL

The ‘beauty’ of safety

The ‘beauty’ of safety

State-of-the-art safety footwear is no longer satisfied with only being safe, while ensuring maximum comfort. Now, it insists on also being aesthetically appealing and a pleasure to wear, even outside of work. From A+A 2017 in Dusseldorf, the two-year international fair of reference for safety and health in the workplace, we made a selection of some of the proposals that best represent these new trends in safety footwear.

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Oct 26, 2017

The new Kapriol LeMans shoe launched in collaboration with Michelin

A high performance work sneaker fitted with a Michelin sole, inspired by the brand’s Alpin 5 winter tire, was presented in a preview at the last edition of A+A

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