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  • EBE Group srl began in 1920 when Alfonso Di Donato started a shoe factory called Didalf, causing the family business to take off.
  • His son, Alfonso Jr., turned it into a joint stock company in 1970.
  • In 1983, Catello, Alfonso Jr’s son, brought his innovative contribution to the family business by creating “Cap Italia srl.” In 1990, they reached an average daily production capacity of 1500 shoes with an employment level of more than 3000 employees.
  • In 2009, after over 90 years of family experience in the footwear and accessories sectors, the Di Donato family created EBE Group srl. It is a solid, dynamic company that is constantly evolving. A leading company in the accessories and footwear sectors thanks to a team of young resources that tenaciously follow the market’s evolution in order to guarantee innovative and modern solutions to meet consumer demands.
  • Since 2009, it has been the licensee of the famous brand Renato Balestra, producing and distributing all over the world with a segmented offer based on its customers’ target. The company divides the collections into 3 categories: RB Balestra, Blu Balestra and Made in Italy.
  • EBE Group srl has also contributed to the creation of a new brand, Generated; a collection of “Sneakers & Knitwear” entirely NO GENDER, with the aim of making the classic distinction between sexes more homogeneous, not only in society but also in the world of fashion.
  • Finally, since the second semester of 2017, EBE Group has been the international licensee of the Swiss brand Egon Von Furstenberg for the production and distribution of footwear and accessories.

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