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Calzaturificio Volpato was founded in 1952 first as a stand and then as a small factory.
Right from the beginning, Calzaturificio Volpato gave birth to a product that is recognized as a product synonymous with quality and attention to detail on the footwear market.
It developed, at a structural and organizational level, by using up-to-date machinery; the whole set of technical knowledge and skills combined with a sense of creativity, innovation, competence and attention enabled it to reach an excellent level.
Changes have always been part of the life of Calzaturificio Volpato; what has never changed, though, in the last 50 years, is the idea of creating women’s shoes that enhance and maintain the wellbeing and health of the structure of the foot and enhance every woman’s femininity; and that is why Volpato shoes are shoes for women who love themselves.

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