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Calzaturificio Luparense was born in 1965 as a constantly growing small craft business.
The business has been passed from father to son for generations… Over this period of time production has changed, but the passion, the effort to keep pace with fashion, trends and elegance, therefore the dedication to the craft, have remained unchanged.
Today Calzaturificio Luparense focuses mainly on the production of medium fine shoes with the particularity of handmade stitching.
The products that are used stand out for high-quality heels, raw materials and hides, but also for comfort, wearability and design.
Calzataruficio Luparense uses only hides from certified producers, coming from tanneries from all over the world, but they are always processed only in Italy.
All the rest of the production materials comes from Italy and is assembled in other parts of Europe: every creation mentions specifically the place in which it was produced.
It exports its products all over the world, reselling to wholesalers that supply stores all over Italy and supplying products to big foreign chains.
Because of our constant contact with foreign countries, every production material and every product are certified according to international standards.
Production rotates around two seasonalities: 6 months of production for the summer months, during which sandals and open shoes are created, and 6 months of winter production, dedicated to boots and ankle boots.
The first thing Calzaturificio Luparense makes sure to get information about is what the customer wants; then comes the research for new types of heels, leather, models and raw materials.
The projects are then assigned to various designers, since each one of them specializes in a specific type of shoes, thus beginning the sketching stage.
Finally, production begins: after selecting the best model and making the appropriate changes, the prototypes are prepared and production goes on until perfection is reached.

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