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GNV’s story is the story of a small artisan workshop that becomes a solid and successful company thanks to brothers Giampiero and Nicola Vico’s passion, enterprise and experience.
The headquarters besides the offices it also hosts the factory and two ample showrooms.
GNV’s philosophy is substantially that of wanting to turn ideas, emotions and creativity into reality, transforming everything into charm and style… in order to be able to express one’s own personality.
The production process is characterized by the union between tradition and innovation; craftsmanship and modern machinery come together to give birth to the exclusive and sophisticated creations proposed by GNV.
GNV deals with every single phase of the production process, that is to say, from the creation of the model to the assembling of the components, from the choice of high-quality hides to the processing of natural materials, and finally with the delicate quality, thus guaranteeing a 100% Made in Italy product.
The company’s brands: Giampiero Nicola, the company’s historic brand for men’s shoes, and Andrea Lattanzi, a brand dedicated to the female universe, have in common the attention to detail and the perfect balance between quality, comfort and fashion.
An effective communication strategy and taking part in the main fairs determine GNV’s success: constantly and continuously present in its reference markets, GNV has become successful in Europe and in the world thanks to the style and quality of its products.

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