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Calzaturificio Brunate was founded in 1926 by Vittorio Galli, a capable administrator and commercial manager, and by Giovanni Volontè, an excellent production technician.
The difficult historic period of those years put everyone to the test, in particular the young 19-year-old Letizia Galli, who had the burden of keeping the company going for the entire World War 2 period.
She succeeded. But difficulties remained.
In 1949 a fire destroyed the entire production department and the warehouse; but in a short time everything was rebuilt, and in the following years it was extended.
A happy product intuition and market intuition led Brunate to specialize in high-quality corrective shoes for children, reaching an extremely high level of quality.
Between 1965 and 1975, the company was at its highest in terms of productivity and appreciation on the market, but in the 80s another difficult period began; trade-union pressures and economic, financial and social turbulences forced companies to delocalization.
The economic crisis was felt intensely, the market changed and Brunate changed with it; indeed, in the mid-80s the company underwent restructuring and equipped itself to produce men’s and women’s shoes, yet still respecting its tradition that is to say, offering a high-quality product.

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The first ninety years of Calzaturificio Brunate

The first ninety years of Calzaturificio Brunate

We met President Sara Galli during the latest theMicam last February: an important edition for the company, highlighted by the award given by the trade show for the “Best Couple of Footwear Manufacturers 2016”, which introduces the ninety birthday of the historic footwear factory based in Lomazzo (Como).

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