Claudio Alessi at the head of Bata EuropeAppointed as the new President of Bata Europe: his name is Claudio Alessi and he has a longstanding history of collaboration with Bata.

Mar 11, 2019
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Newly appointed, Claudio Alessi takes over as the new President of Bata Western-Europe and becomes part of the executive committee.
This director, after having managed a network of the company’s footwear store franchises for over ten years, became part of the organisation in 2001, taking on a number of different managerial roles all the way up to 2013: retail manager in Thailand and Indonesia, managing director in Thailand, Iberia, and of the European product development centre, as well as the franchising director for Europe.
Starting in 2013, he has also acted as the managing director of Bata Columbia, where he oversaw 300 stores, creating a solid organisational structure. Since January 2018, the company’s press release states: “He is President on a European level, coordinating all the business units in Italy, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland, Spain, along with international and national franchising”.

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