Cinderella’s dreamAda Kokosar’s luxury footwear brand, Midnight 00, uses a PVC casing to create fairytale shoes, party and midnight bells proof.

Mar 01, 2019
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Ada Kokosar
Ada Kokosar

Fashion designer, fashion editor and fashion consultant... In the past experiences with Calvin Klein, Diane von Furstenberg, & Other Stories and Cesare Paciotti...
The American Ada Kokosar (born in Italy) tells a true fairytale with her project Midnight 00, a collection of footwear produced in Italy precisely by Cesare Paciotti.

The designer who takes inspiration from nature and thinks of a modern Cinderella when she creates her collections, approaches fashion thanks to her tailor grandmother, who used  to create beautiful miniature dresses for her dolls: “That’s when I began to be fascinated by fashion design, especially clothes”.


midnight_0000001So how was the footwear brand born? “In 2017 I was asked to consult for the Italian footwear brand Cesare Paciotti, to help him renew the style. That’s what gave me the idea of drawing something more abstract and different, a range that was bold and at the same time romantic”.

To recreate the glass slipper of the “Cinderella” fairytale, together with Cesare Paciotti they decided to use PVC. A successful debut that convinced the designer and her partner Marco Calcinario, to ride the wave.

Midnight 00 shoes become, thus, surprising and recognisable thanks to the undisputed “wow” effect created by the original harmony of volumes, fantasy and romanticism.

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