Caval, symmetrical and asymmetricalThree young French designers have created Caval, a new brand of high-profile sneakers that play with the idea of wearing two shoes that are identical but also different

Jun 07, 2018
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img5_lowThe new French brand Caval is produced in Guimarães, the Portuguese cradle of the sports shoe. The main characteristic of this new line is the complementarity of the pairs. Each shoe is different from the other and both complement each other thanks to an elegant and coordinated graphic layout. Italian high-quality leather, top stitching and fine finishes make the Caval sneakers solidly-built and timeless models: made to last. The vulcanized sole is sewn to the upper, while the leather lining ensures comfort and breathability to the feet. And the details that make a difference are also the removable inner soles, the anit-slip insert in the soles and the reinforcements on the tip and heel of the shoe for further protection of the foot. An elegant collection, with fine finishes, from which that touch extra creativity capable of giving tone and style to those who wear its models is expected.


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