Brazilian kids’ footwear: an increasing number of global brandsDesign, colour, and high spirits are part of the DNA of Brazilian footwear, especially when it comes to children’s footwear.

Jul 31, 2017
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However, these are not the only identifying values: there is also the focus on quality, well-being, and comfort. There is then the respect for children, the environment, and society. In other words, there’s a whole world enclosed in each pair of little shoes!
Children’s footwear boasts of a long-time tradition in Brazil: already midway through the Fifties, the district of Biriguì began to specialize its production in this kind of footwear. Today, the most important Brazilian brands in the segment are nationally distributed through a capillary network, and after having gained a solid reputation on the domestic market, they are aspiring to fully becoming global brands.

Children’s footwear represents 10.4% of all footwear production in Brazil: around 95 million pairs annually, with an estimated ten percent destined for international markets. In terms of geographical and cultural proximity, the first destinations are the countries of Central and South America. Nevertheless, the Brazilian offer reaches an increasing number of faraway markets in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Among the sector leaders there are Bibi, Molekinha, Ortopé, and Pampili: with a solid reputation nationally, they are now reaffirming their presence on international markets, starting with Europe. With just one goal: becoming increasingly popular in the hearts and on the feet of our children.

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