Boomy, a magical blend of fashion and sportThe line of sandals “to be made” by Boomy has been in stores since October, but what has struck us about the new collection is the ability to reinvent the meeting between fashion and sport.

Jan 11, 2018
Posted in: , Shoes on Stage , Sport
21576811_463022667423981_1672357830092390400_nThe Boomy project, a footwear collection inspired by “Generation Y”, the “Millenials”, has been designed and developed by designer Salvio Rollo, who tried to convey a message in line with the way young people communicate, in which the contents are expressed through the language codes of echo boomers. Digital natives, social validators, sharing, informality, customisation, these are the key words and winning concepts. Different suggestions to trigger a futuristic evolution, a present but above all future trend that dictates the guidelines for each model, portraying the vital impulse for transformation and the intrinsic value of the expression of every different personality.
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