Bolton Footwear, 158 years of heritageWith its claim to a longstanding tradition in the footwear industry, no goal is too ambitious for Bolton Footwear to achieve.

Jul 06, 2018
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Among the sector leaders in South Africa, Bolton Footwear plays an important role in the market as both a producer and distributor of a wide range of men’s, women’s, and sports footwear.

Founder of Bolton Footwear was Charles Searle, an English immigrant who upon his arrival in South Africa in 1859 settled as a toll keeper at Great Brak River. Like many South Africans living in remote areas, Searle began making his own rugged leather “veldschoen” boots, which he then supplied with success to the operators of the caravans transporting goods between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. His activity and reputation grew over the years, becoming synonymous with quality footwear and giving life to what is known today as Bolton Footwear.

Stuart Hapwood

To this day, the Bolton Footwear group has defended its reputation as an innovative and meticulous manufacturer of footwear. From its three ISO 9001:2008 certified production plants, with a production capacity of 8000 pairs per day, arrive the collections of its 20 brands: “At Expo Riva Schuh, we brought a large selection of our footwear to underline our ability with different product types, – explains Stuart Hopwood, head of the marketing group – from men’s elegant and formal collections, which use typical raw materials like Nguni leather, a South African cattle breed also used for exquisite Cavallino leather, to women’s fashion collections, with a line of sandals covered in fabrics that feature prints and designs inspired by the tribal culture of our territory”. Comfort and quality are the core business of the Bolton offering: its footwear is handmade from first-rate quality leathers and materials, featuring a unique design and comfort that is guaranteed by the expertise of local artisans. Special characteristics that result in footwear with great style and an intrinsic quality: “We chose the event of Riva del Garda as an entry point onto the European market, which for its geographical proximity and support in the historic fight against apartheid, is our preferred destination. – declares Stuart Hopwood – In South Africa, we are sector leaders and would like to become so also in Europe through our quality product”.

The South African consul in Italy visit Bolton’s stand at Expo Riva Schuh


With its products now present in the Old Continent for a number of seasons, Bolton Footwear’s focus is on increasing the number of destinations its footwear reaches and on research on new productive partnerships, offering international clientele the very best possible service and the possibility to draw from a rich heritage.

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