Bibi: Let kids be kidsJust one mission: supporting the correct growth of children’s feet without rushing it. 

Jul 31, 2017
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bibi-3This is what is re-proposed by Bibi, a pioneer in the invention of physiological footwear and a big fan of kids, sharing with them a desire to give free reign to fantasy.
Founded in 1949, Bibi was the first Brazilian company to enter the segment of children’s footwear and launch a new market niche. Over the years, Bibi has established itself, also becoming a global brand: from its two production facilities, today, the footwear of this Brazilian brand reaches 65 different destinations in five continents.  Its products are distributed by a network of 80 monobrand franchises and by the flagship store in the prestigious Rua Oscar Freires, in São Paulo, as well as on the e-commerce site of the company, and through a network of 4000 points of sale worldwide.
The question is how did Bibi become a global brand of children’s footwear?
By focusing on constant research and innovations aimed at the well-being of children.  Comfort, design, and naturalness are part of the Bibi DNA.  However, also the production is 100% free of toxic substances, with tests and quality controls done by IBTeC – the Brazilian Institute of Technology for Leather, Footwear and Artifacts.bibi-11There is then the use of patented technologies, like the Fisiotex sole, which supports the anatomy of little feet, with the absorption and desorption of sweat, while distributing the pressure of the fulcrum of the feet.  This is the research that led Bibi to first develop the concept of “anatomical shoes” in 1998, and then, in 2008, that of “physiological footwear”, moving the focus to include not only the feet, but also the correct development of the entire organism.  Last, but not least, the striking, cheerful, and colourful Bibi design ensures that the shoes are well-liked by the littlest set, guaranteeing the success of each collection.

From newborns to teenagers, Bibi’s collections feature slip-ons, flats, sandals, comfort footwear, boots, and sneakers… all products made using quality materials, with a careful attention to details.


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