Bensimon ‘Fiorucci style’Bensimon, the iconic French tennis shoe celebrates its 40th anniversary, and on the occasion, the designer Jonny Mole creates a “Fiorucci style” version.

May 09, 2019
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Jonny Mole


White, with peach pink trim and a patch with the iconic little angels of Elio Fiorucci: this is the tribute Italian designer Jonny Mole pays to Fiorucci for the 40th anniversary of Bensimon. A choice that is anything but casual, since Serge Bensimon has always admired and considered the work of Elio Fiorucci to be a source of inspiration.

The tennis shoe is one of 40 original pieces on show at the exhibition-anniversary “From White to Colour” being held at the Joyce Gallery in Paris.

The white referred to by the exhibition’s title is in reference to the first stock of shoes acquired by the French company, which were then dyed by a young Serge Bensimon at the beginning of his designer career in 1979. These are the origins of an iconic style, which to this day continues to inspire with its timeless style.

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