Atlantic Stars: a new distributive map and store in MilanAfter the private equity firm Alcedo acquired a 60% stake in Atlantic Stars, the brand’s manager, Luigi Rebellato, will now focus on redesigning the distributive map of the brand.

Jan 29, 2019
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Having grown at an overwhelming rate over the last 4 years, arriving at a sales revenue of 17 million euros, Atlantic Stars felt the need to redefine not only its strategies of distribution, but also its production and design. Accordingly, it decided to entrust a new manager coming from leading realities like Diadora, Lotto and the Benetton Group with this important task.
Currently, Atlantic Star sells 70% of its goods in Italy through 500 wholesale customers while abroad it is especially strong in Japan, with its Tokyo store having recently been joined by another store in Osaka. In Asia, Mr. Rebellato will accordingly try to create interest in the markets of South Korea and China, where the brand is not yet present.

In Europe, instead, new commercial agreements will bring the brand to the malls of Printemps and Galerie Lafayette, while in Italy, in Milan, a new store will be opened between 2020 and 2021.

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