Assocalzaturifici presents the new team headed by Siro BadonWith the assignment of responsibilities to the Vice Presidents, the Associations sets into motion the new projects in support of the sector for the 2019-2023 period.

Jul 26, 2019
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downloadThe new Board of Directors, which for the next five years will guide the footwear manufacturing industry, is now fully operational. With the assignment of responsibilities and the appointment of duties to the Vice Presidents, President Siro Badon will be flanked by Federico Bartoli from Tiger Flex Srl in Monsummano Terme (PT) in focusing on a strategic area, that of Professional Training, which is essential for remaining up-to-date on the latest technologies available in the sector, but also in creating new areas of expertise and introducing the new generation of workers to every phase in the productive process. Giovanna Ceolini from Parabiago Collezioni Srl in Parabiago (MI) will instead be responsible for activities connected to the European market and those regarding the Trade Fair Committee for the organisation of the event ‘Moda Made in Italy’ in Munich. Pasquale della Pia from Della Pia Srl in Arzano (NA) will head two key areas for the near future, those of digitalisation and sustainability. Salina Ferretti, General Manager of Falc Spa in Civitanova Marche (with the brands Naturino, Falcotto and Voile Blanche), will be in charge of the international market, directly managing Asia and America, coordinating trade fairs in Seoul and Tokyo, and heading the children’s division of footwear, a segment in which quality and safety are constantly evolving. Finally, Giampietro Melchiorri from Calzaturificio Gal.Men. Srl in Montegranaro (FM) will be responsible for the Russian market, the CIS region, and emerging countries, while also organizing the events of OBUV in Moscow and the events of Kiev and Almaty in Ukraine. At the same time, Melchiorri will take charge of the ‘Made in’ issue, which is fundamental to guaranteeing quality, and will continue to raise awareness about it in international markets and among institutions.
It is exactly the protection of Made in Italy that will be one of the key areas on which the activities of the Association will focus over the next few years, in continuation with what was already previously set into motion by former President Pilotti, with a special focus on innovation in the sector, sustainability throughout the productive cycle, the role of fairs, and interaction with institutions. President Siro Badon will head all the institutional activities, including in particular those undertaken with regards to Confindustria Moda and Confindustria, while also overseeing the organisation of the internationally-oriented fair of MICAM, which is increasingly a leader worldwide.
The Board of Directors will also include Charlotta Bachini from Calzaturificio Gardenia Srl in Santa Maria a Monte (PT) as the President of the Young Industrialists, and Past President Annarita Pilotti from Loriblu Spa (Porto Sant’Elpidio – FM), two appointments that will create the ideal bridgehead between the future of the sector and the understanding of the results achieved in the past through the Association’s activities.

From left: Federico Bartoli, Salina Ferretti, Giovanna Ceolini, Siro Badon, Giampietro Melchiorri, Pasquale Della Pia
From left: Federico Bartoli, Salina Ferretti, Giovanna Ceolini, Siro Badon, Giampietro Melchiorri, Pasquale Della Pia
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