Asso speaks to the digital nativesA new e-commerce site and APP designed to stimulate the creativity of the digitally born.

Mar 05, 2018
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asso-top-star-2Asso enters the digital world through the front door: at, the high-end footwear portal unites glamour, a sporty mood and romance for girls, in order to propose new collections in an environment that technologically replies to the needs of new generations. With the APP Asso Top Star (which can be downloaded free of charge from the AppStore), the young fashionistas of generation Z are invited to enter the fantastical virtual world of Lia, on the Rubino planet, where they can create their own avatar and play at being young musical stars, while personalising their look by matching it with the right Asso shoe. Thus, from one collection to the next, young stars in music discover new and unexplored worlds, conquering the trendiest models of the Asso line, while enjoying the striking virtual setting, thanks to the interface that is completely 3D.

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