Asadi, walking in colour and good healthJooi Brothers, the Malaysian leader in the production of single and dual-density PVC slip-ons with its brand Asadi, debuted at the 92nd edition of Expo Riva Schuh with a new range of slip-ons made from an innovative antibacterial and antifungal material that ensures maximum hygiene when walking.

Jul 05, 2019
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The new proposal is the jewel of the SS2020 collection, which also includes the bestselling Double Density line thatasadi_201906_006_1j2a9509 has expanded its offering through new models in striking combinations of colours with a stylish mood. A perfect technical and aesthetical combination, Double Density slip-ons mount a softer midsole that supports the feet in a flexible, yet resistant, way for comfort and safety while walking. The colours offered by the matching sole-upper make Double Density models both fun and ever-stylish. The rest of the Asadi collection features a line of models characterised by vivid and fresh colours, made using first-rate materials that guarantee maximum flexibility and softness, along with odour-free properties. Comfortable, durable, and stylish footwear at a reasonable price: Asadi slip-ons are versatile and can be used during leisure time, for comfort, and on occasions when it’s important to make a fashion statement.

Asadi’s collections are produced in the productive facilities of Penang, in Malaysia where 350 workers are employed. Jooi Brothers gives maximum importance to developing sustainable standards for its product and processes, as well as ethical ones. From one end, there is the production of products without phthalates and the eco-friendly lines, as well as the use of 20% clean energy coming from solar panels located on top of the facilities. From the other end, it adheres to BSCI certified ethical standards.


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