ARSUTORIA and FDRA: a memorandum of understanding for trainingThe Italian ARSUTORIA school will make available to US brands its many years of experience in teaching style and product engineering.

May 21, 2018
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arsutoria-fdra-1During the 20th international UITIC congress, which gathers the most important technicians of the international footwear world, FDRA and ARSUTORIA have signed an important memorandum of understanding. The scope of the contract is the training activity which the recognized Milan design and modeling school will play in the coming years for the American footwear sector, bringing Italian style and know-how to US brands.pattern_making-300x175

According to Matt Priest, CEO of FDRA, the US Federation of Retailers and Distributors: “In the United States, footwear production has been reduced to relatively low volumes: the know-how about the stylistic setting of a collection in order to manage the production process has been lost. The world of Italian footwear can be a great help to fill this lack of knowledge and Arsutoria, already active on our territory, is the right partner”.

ARSUTORIA institute operates with the most important American companies on the East Coast for 10 years, and this year on the West Coast (Los Angeles). “The Two Ten foundation has been the first one to believe in technical training and to help us get in touch with companies, especially those in the Boston area. – declares Matteo Pasca, Director of the institute – After a few years, a fantastic partnership started with FFaNY and the companies in the NY area”.

In Porto, outlines of the common training initiative have been defined that will see FDRA engaged in taking care of the parts related to custom policies (especially in relation to international sourcing), while the Italian institute will provide its many years of experience in teaching product style and engineering.

“This new agreement confirms the good work done so far” – concludes Matteo Pasca. – I believe the collaboration with Matt and his FDRA team can be regarded as another step forward towards the effort to make the footwear industry better hoping that our wonderful sector will attract new talents”.

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