Arkyn: the sneaker for nonconformists

Five nonconformist and creative women are the protagonists of the new Adidas ad campaign for the launching of the new Arkyn sneaker.

Mar 30, 2018
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No rules, no obligations, and no compromises: Arkyn, the new arrival in the Adidas maison, puts an end to the market’s old-school approach to women’s sneakers and proposes itself as an accessory that is complementary to the eclectic personalities that reject every kind of stereotype in the creative process. In other words, Arkyn is dedicated to rebel spirits who refuse to be labelled.

The new technical silhouette of Arkyn is derived from the iconic Adidas vintage style, uniting the past with the future. With a simply shaped mesh upper, it is elegantly decorated with the three trademark stripes of the brand and presents striking structural elements, like a neoprene heel, minimalistic laces, and a Boost™ midsole that offers the very best of Adidas’s technology. adidas-ss18_arkyn_cq2748_off-foot_147_rgb

Endorsing the new Arkyn are five women, whose “differently creative” personalities are the essence of a nonconformist attitude. They are depicted at work and in their day-to-day activities by two exceptional artists: the photographer Bronx Renell Medrano, known for his 35mm digital portraits that have immortalised youth culture in its most authentic expressions, and Thuan Tran, the video maker of the A$AP Mob hip hop collective.

Here are the names of the young celebrity endorsers: Photographed in her home-studio in Chinatown, the works produced by Serbian artist Ana Kraš can be traced to the world of furnishing, interior design, painting, sculpture and fashion photography. Photographed in her Soho apartment, the famous model Kendall Jenner is equally enamoured of the worlds of fashion, writing, and acting. Shown in her apartment in Chinatown, Marisa Competello’s passions unite dance and floral design, and in her Meta Flora studio in New York, she realises minimalistic creations that delve into her interests for dynamic elements, lines, colours, and textures. The musician Syv De Blare, photographed in her Soho home, expresses an extremely personal universe of sound, while also showing her enthusiasm for photography. Photographed in her Williamsburg apartment, the soccer player Florencia Galarza is a woman of a thousand talents: after having experienced an injury in her youth, she managed to transform this misfortune into an opportunity, and today she is a well-known DJ, who has also had the privilege of touring with Kanya West. She has also started playing soccer again, as a midfielder for the Boca Juniors.

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