Arctic Grip Pro, the new technology for a perfect grip on wet icePresented at the A+A fair, Vibram Arctic Grip Pro is the “all-rubber” solution designed by Vibram for situations requiring a maximum grip on icy surfaces, especially when they are wet, with special features particularly suited to the world of professionals.

Mar 15, 2018
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Vibram Arctic Grip Pro technology, united with a Vibram compound specially developed for the industrial segment and optimised for durability and resistance to oils (a unique polymer blended rubber sole), contribute to the creation of extremely high performance soles suited to winter industrial environments, which resist at temperatures as low as -40°C and in the presence of slippery surfaces like wet ice. This new technology also complies with European and American occupational safety standards.

Among the Vibram partners presenting their new proposals powered by Vibram Arctic Grip Pro are Sixton Peak, Royer, and Jalas.

SIXTON PEAK Model 89117-15 and Model 89128-23

Coming from the Polar line, they are particularly suited for use on snow, ice, and walk-in coolers, because they perform well at low temperatures, with a long lifetime and high resistance to oils. The sole presents a design with especially prominent lugs and a self-cleaning tread for better tackling all kinds of terrain. Vibram Arctic Grip Pro technology is present in the wider lugs placed around the perimeter of the sole and in the central area, for optimising the performance of the technology and creating a larger area of contact on wet icy surfaces, in a combination that favours an excellent grip. The design of the sole has been studied to favour a high level of traction and stability.

ROYER Model 5727AG and Model 5707AG

Completely waterproof and made out of leather, they are fitted with a Vibram Arctic Grip Pro sole, which provides a high level of performance also on wet ice. The antistatic sole features a design with wide triangle-shaped lugs that provide excellent traction when moving uphill, with optimum breaking properties when going downhill, in combination with rectangular and functional lugs around the edge that ensure a high level of stability. The compound has been optimised to ensure maximum durability over time, with resistance to oils, at temperatures as low as -40°. Royer footwear is fitted with protection for the big toe, a comfortable arch support, and a lining that can withstand the coldest temperatures.


Fitted with a sole featuring Vibram Arctic Grip Pro technology, it is also antistatic with a design specifically studied to favour stability, traction, and protection. The wide triangular lugs on the toes and in the central part of the sole contribute to improving the level of traction, while the toe-cap is reinforced for greater protection. The lugs placed around the perimeter of the sole are designed to offer stability, while also allowing oils and debris to easily pass through them, thus making the sole self-cleaning. Jalas footwear is comfortable, extremely warm, resistant to impacts, and lightweight. The upper is made of waterproof leather.

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