Anca Stetco, tradition and innovation for a determined and feminine womanThe brand highlights the beauty and prestige of “Made In Italy” by proposing an innovative design for shoes made to be worn “from morning to night”.

Sep 12, 2018
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inga-copperbronzeThe Anca Stetco footwear collection was born in 2016 and immediately presented an experimental design inspired by the art world to obtain a strong identity: sculptures that combine innovation, modernity and tradition.
The designer Anca Stetco comes from Transylvania and began her journey in the fashion world as a model. She graduated in economics, but soon realised that this was not her calling and decided to combine the know-how acquired in the fashion industry with her innate passion for design.
Made in Italy, luxury and uniqueness have become the foundation of the Anca Stetco brand, which focuses on a harmonious and sophisticated mix of prestige and wearability. Each shoe represents the best in Italian craftsmanship with a future-proof design that looks for a balance between perfection and everyday life.
Each collection combines luxury and the search for the finest materials such as Italian leather and suede, special fabrics and exotic leather, to create shoes with a strong and contemporary shape.
Working side by side with the best artisans of the Riviera del Brenta, the Anca Stetco collection is a triumph of elegance and design, research and craftsmanship. Accessories that are not slave to the fashion trends, but that create a bridge between tradition and the future.

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