AM4LND: Adidas Made for London, the first production model created by the SpeedfactoryInnovative, personalised, and made using an automated process

Oct 23, 2017
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Innovative and breakthrough, with hyper flexible and accelerated production techniques, the athlete-data driven design of this running shoe is meant to release the endless potential of the wearer, while the special design is dedicated to the unique conditions and setting of London: we are speaking of the Adidas AM4 series, the first model to be produced by Speedfactory.


The German sports giant that launched the London-dedicated AM4LND sneaker this past 19 October will soon follow it with the debut of sneakers dedicated to Paris, Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo and Shanghai.

What exactly is new about them? The fact that they are entirely produced in-house by the Speedfactory: automated, fast, and flexible, it is the factory of the future, which is also capable of creating a unique and completely personalised pair of shoes in extremely rapid times, without the need for human support. A productive revolution that for now regards just one facility in Bavaria, near the historic plant of Adidas in Ansbach, with incredibly fast production cycles: 1 day compared to the 60-90 days typically needed by Asian production facilities, where a large part of the German brand’s range is produced.  adidas

A pilot project destined for great success and an undisputable popularity among the lovers of sports shoes. At the same time, it is still quite far from representing a threat to Far East production: “In five years, 90% of shoes will still be produced in Asia– declared Adidas CEO Kaspar Rorsted to the Financial Times –reshoring is a mere illusion”.

Making the Speedfactory’s production especially rapid and flexible is also the formula with which the AM4 line of shoes is manufactured: Primaknit, a system that allows the upper to be created using a sole thread, as if it were knitted.

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