Alberto Guardiani: the new site is now up and running

The new Alberto Guardiani site brings e-commerce together with the corporate area in a sole platform, in order to offer an exceptional experience when navigating among its contents.

Mar 27, 2018
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The new site is created with the intention of unifying in a sole platform both the corporate and e-commerce contents of the company, which, up until now, had been divided between first an online site in 2000, and then an e-commerce site in 2011.

Thus, offers a complete experience to the end customer, who here will discover the history of the brand and its latest innovations through video presentations, interviews, collaborations, and celebrity endorsements in the Journal section. At the same time, they will have the possibility to purchase (or reserve) Alberto Guardiani products with just a click.

The site has also dedicated a special area to the new Onesoul unisex sneaker project, a leading product of the brand that here is interpreted by creative talents and influencers in a place where storytelling and business come together. There is then a separate area reserved for the press and the company’s partners, with the brand’s marketing materials.

With linear, innovative, and fresh graphics, the new site shares the values of the Alberto Guardiani brand, by conveying purity through its style, images, and printed elements, which are all of great visual and emotional impact. The layout of the site is modern and striking, versatile and easy to navigate: studied to make customers the protagonists of their own personal experiences, it can be accessed by both normal PCs and mobile phones (from which 60% of the brand’s contacts originate) and is available in four different languages.

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