Alberto Fasciani: elegance, sobriety and eco-sustainabilityThe new SS19 collection by Alberto Fasciani focuses both on quality and on social issues.

Nov 06, 2018
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assunta-perilli-lavora-i-tessuti-in-lino-con-gli-antichi-telai-rinvenuti-a-campotosto-1A path marked by a few, solid imperatives: elegance, sobriety and eco-sustainability. The first quality materials – like suede, veal and elk, to name a few – are processed by eliminating any use of chemicals. Stitchings are strictly handmade for an apparently simple result, but that hides the complexity of the Goodyear Flex processing.

The artistic co-branding with Assunta Perilli, owner of the workshop Fonte della Tessitura, supplier of the natural fabrics used to create linen shoes proposed in the collection, concretises the Campotosto Project which aims to restore dignity and new impetus to local economic realities, hit by the earthquake in 2017.

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