Air Jordans blossomEver since Bansky, being an artist has gone hand-in-hand with anonymity. This is the pathway also chosen by Mr. Flower Fantastic, a floral artist from Queens in New York, who is one of the most in-demand worldwide with an obsession for blossoming shoes.

Mar 26, 2019
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flower flower-3

His true obsession are Nike Air Jordans interpreted in a range of flowers and colours that are completely mind-blowing, like the versions that are over two metres high. For now, his name remains a secret, because he prefers to have the flowers speak on his behalf. “Throughout history the exchange of flowers has symbolised peace – commented Mr. Flower Fantastic – and with my art that’s exactly what I intend to do”. So, we’ll allow the roses, tulips, and peonies to do the talking for him.

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