After Ankara, Alberto Guardiani opens a flagship store in IstanbulAfter the success of the first flagship store opened in Ankara in 2013, the Marches brand inaugurated its second Turkish flagship store in June at the Akasya Mall in Istanbul.

Jul 03, 2017
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The new store, curated by Giacomo Ortenzi’s Ossigeno Studio, reconfirms the brand’s strategy of expansion in the Turkish territory and is fuelled by an increasingly high level of popularity in this market.  Inside, the store adheres to the aesthetics of the brand’s other flagship stores located around the world, featuring ultra-modern elements of allure – like the chairs conceived by the famous Italian designer Vico Magistretti -,  as part of a continuous play of visual contrasts.  The general mood of the store is that of a 1930’s parlour, which is both welcoming and luxurious, as a throwback to the brand’s founding concept, where modernity goes hand-in-hand with tradition, and innovation harmoniously merges with functionality.

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