Adidas celebrates Game of ThronesWhile fans eagerly await the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones, Adidas presents a capsule collection inspired by the HBO series.

Mar 25, 2019
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Lannister Ultraboost

Adidas reedits the Ultraboost in a “Game of Thrones” version, presenting a capsule collection inspired by the characters and families of the highly acclaimed TV series, which on 15 April will launch its eighth and final season on Sky Atlantic.
Offered in only a super limited edition, fans will have to fight one another to own one of the six models of the capsule collection that sees the striking and high-performance Ultraboost take on the colours of the Westeros kingdoms.  Six models feature the mottos and shields of the royal dynasties and factions that have always been involved in the war of the Seven Kingdoms and Beyond the Wall. Each shoe provides hints regarding the character (good or bad) that it is supposed to represent, with the chromatic references, writings, and special details that all fans of the series will immediately recognize. Attractive and high performance, they will be appreciated by fans not only for the references to their favourite TV series, but also for their comfort and technology.

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