ACDL debuts with NEONWinner of the European ‘Worth Project’ contest for its design and innovation, and currently supported by the IFM French Institute of Fashion, this past April at the Milan Furniture Fair, ACDL – Artisan Chausseur Design Lab launched its first capsule collection, ACDL1.

May 08, 2019
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acdl-whatsapp-image-2019-05-04-at-17-25-38An emerging brand that promises to define an avant-garde aesthetic vision and innovate so it can offer an “exceptional savoir faire”, ACDL promotes collaborations with leading players in the worlds of art, architecture, and design in order to realise an exclusive capsule collection.

Its first project debuted on the occasion of the Milan Furniture Fair: the ACDL1 capsule collection in fact takes its inspiration from Italian interior design from the late 50’s, architecture, and the French New Wave movement. Developed using innovative production processes that also include 3D techniques for the customisation of models, the collection focuses on the NEON boot model: with a streamlined silhouette, on a mid-height trapezoidal heel, its white leather upper is outlined in black with a black neoprene sock. During its presentation, the public was given the possibility of personalising the model by choosing from among 18 different colour and material versions.

It’s possible to also reserve NEON online through the site, while awaiting the new future collaborations of ACDL with the trendiest stores and global brands.


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