A slight recovery in the foreign trade of safety footwearFootwear with toe-caps, 2016 trends

Mar 15, 2017
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The Assocalzaturifici Study Center released the data regarding the foreign trade numbers of footwear with protective metal toe-caps, highlighting in 2016 a recovery in the downtrend previously recorded for both imports and exports.

The ISTAT data on which we based our report must be taken with all due precaution, – warns Luca Ariazzi from Assocalzaturifici, – in the expansive category of footwear with protective metal toe-caps, not all kinds of safety footwear are included, while at the same time, some fashion shoes with protective toe-caps are included…


With the above-mentioned exception in mind, we can accordingly begin to describe the historic trend of Italian footwear with protective metal toe-caps. After having achieved record numbers in 2010, when 16.46 million pairs of shoes for a value of 292.7 million euro was sold abroad, in the years that followed, exports experienced a downtrend, which then leveled out – with only slight drops – at around 15 million pairs a year starting in 2012. A trend that will more or less be confirmed also for 2016, in light of the trend for the first ten months, which saw 12.6 million pairs exported (+1.2% compared to the first ten months of 2015), for a value of 286.7 million euro (+6.1%).

Eight pairs out of ten are destined for a country belonging to the European Union (10.2 million pairs from January to October 2016, for a value of 239.71 million euro, which is respectively +2.7% and +8.3% when compared to the first ten months of 2015). If it’s not a surprise that it is always the non-EU area of Europe that is classified as the second destination for Italian exports (with 775,892 pairs, +28.9%), it is a surprise to see that the third destination for Italian exports is the Middle East (652,712 pairs, -36.9%). Moreover, the classification of destinations by country sees Germany in first place, followed by France, the Czech Republic, Spain, and the Netherlands. At sixth place is Saudi Arabia, which dropped down from its previous 2015 ranking of third place.

As far as the kind of upper is concerned, the most popular shoes abroad remain those with a leather upper: the first ten months of 2016 saw 11.14 million pairs sold (+4.6% over the first ten months of 2015), against the 1.46 million pairs with synthetic or rubber upper sold (-19% compared to the first ten months of 2015).
puntale-protettivoEven imports, after a 2015 that registered significant drops in both numbers and values (12.6 million pairs for a value of 168 million euro, respectively recording -18.1% and -15.5%), returned to a growth trend. In fact, during the first ten months of 2016, Italy imported 10.26 million pairs for a value of 156.8 million euro, with an increase respectively equal to +3.3% and +11.4% over the same period in 2015.
The first supplier during the first ten months of 2016 was Albania with 3.8 million pairs (+21.6% when compared to the same period in 2015), followed by China that continues to lose ground at 2.5 million pairs (-22.6%), Tunisia at third (2.3 million pairs, +3.5%), and Romania at fourth (1.5 million pairs, +12%).
As a result of these dynamics, the trade balance remains in Italy’s favor at 129.9 million euro, but with a downward trend when compared to the same period in 2015 (-17.38%).

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