In 2018, Birkenstock ends its collaboration with Amazon EUStarting in January 2018, Birkenstock has decided to terminate the direct deliveries provided by the online platform, as it had previously done in the USA for the orders managed by Amazon USA.

Jan 05, 2018
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The historic German company of comfort & fashion footwear had complained on more than one occasion about the Amazon Marketplace’s sale of counterfeit and low quality goods, which misled consumers and damaged the image of the brand, but the United States corporate giant did not acknowledge the cited cases, nor did it take any action aimed at contrasting the sale of counterfeit goods.

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Italian footwear experiences an abrupt halt

Italian footwear experiences an abrupt halt

After having ended 2017 with moderately positive indicators, pointing towards a much hoped for trend reversal, the National Footwear Assembly faces the disappointing abrupt halt of 2018’s first quarter, with an eye to generational turnover in companies.